Front Pigs: The Lost Company

Front Cover
Frank Keith, Oct 25, 2011 - Drama

 WWII had gone into its fourth year. For Germany, the war is looking ever bleaker and this on many war fronts. Of course the one in the east is no exception. The German army is being pushed back continuously. Often enough, military formations are passed over by the foes and get surrounded.

This is the story of just such a unit, which suddenly finds itself being cut off by the Russians and end up miles behind enemy lines. The sudden and vehement onset of the east’s famous hard winters makes things worse for the men of the Fifth Company. They must not only fight a relentless enemy, but harsh weather conditions to boot. Will they make it back to the own lines, which are also moving back? And if they do, who will be left behind, dead and frozen stiff far, far away from home?


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