Frozen hearts, Volume 3

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Page 30 - HARRY'S BIG BOOTS: a Fairy Tale, for "Smalle Folke." By SE GAY. With 8 Full-page Illustrations and a Vignette by the author, drawn on wood by PERCIVAL SKELTON. Crown 8vo., handsomely bound in cloth, price 5s. " Some capital fun will be found in ' Harry's Big Boots.' . . . The illustrations are excellent, and so is the story.
Page 26 - PPITAPHIANA; or, the Curiosities of Churchyard *-^ Literature: being a Miscellaneous Collection of Epitaphs, with an INTRODUCTION. By W. FAIRLEY. Crown 8vo., cloth, price 5s. Post free. ' Entertaining." — Pall Mall Gazette. 'A capital collection.
Page 8 - GREED'S LABOUR LOST. By the Author of " Recommended to Mercy,
Page 30 - TICHBORNE AND ORTON AUTOGRAPHS, THE ; comprising Autograph Letters of Roger Tichborne, Arthur Orton (to Mary Ann Loder), and the Defendant (early letters to Lady Tichborne, &c.), in facsimile. In wrapper,, price 6d. TWELVE NATIONAL BALLADS (First Series) Dedicated to Liberals of all classes. By PHILHELOT, of Cambridge. In ornamental cover, price 6d., post free. TRUE FLEMISH STORY, A. By the author of "The Eve of St. Nicholas.
Page 21 - These volumes form a very pleasing commentary on a land and a people to which Englishmen will always turn with sympathetic interest.
Page 19 - ... shame. Readers may do worse than surrender themselves to its melo-dramatic enjoyment. From title-page to colophon, only Dominie Sampson's epithet can describe it — it is
Page 21 - Mr. Gallenga's new volumes on Italy will be welcome to those who care for an unprejudiced account of the prospects and present condition of the country. Most interesting volumes.
Page 17 - WOMAN'S AMBITION. By ML LYONS- 1 vol., 7s. 6d. OUTSIDE FOOLS ! or, Glimpses INSIDE the Stock Exchange. By ERASMUS PINTO, Broker. Crown 8vo., 7s. 6d. Public Opinion says : — "Written in a clever, cynical, and incisive style, and thoroughly exposes the rigs and tricks of the Stock Exchange. One advantage of a perusal will be that those who allow themselves to be plundered will do so quite consciously. The volume as a whole is extremely interesting.
Page 10 - This is a clever story, easily and naturally told, and the reader's interest sustained throughout. ... A pleasant, readable book, such as we can heartily recommend as likely to do good service in the dull and foggy days before us.
Page 26 - FACT AGAINST FICTION. The Habits and Treatment of Animals Practically Considered. Hydrophobia and Distemper. With some remarks on Darwin. By the HON. GRANTLEY F. BERKELEY. 2 vols., 8vo., 30s.

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