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Make Big It With Yuvi: How to Sell Your Small Business for Maximum Profit is a book that can literally increase the sale price of your business by three, four or even higher times its cash flow.  We illustrate the best way to sell your business and show you how to increase its price.


There are some obvious things that you must do sell your business, like organizing and preparing financial documents, but there are other, more subtle things you can do to sell your business for maximum profit. Even if you don't have all the typical financial documents, you can still sell your business and realize a substantial return. Our book shows you how. In short, it is the tangible and intangible elements that help sell your business for big profits.  Want to know what they are? Start reading.


Of course, selling your business is not easy and can be a frustrating experience. Not only does our book point out how you can achieve a higher price for your business but also it helps increase your chance of selling it.  The two go hand-in-hand.  If your business is attractive to buyers, it will be easier to sell and sell for a higher price than other businesses. It's simple, but true.


Not only do we discuss what you can do to increase the likelihood of selling your business for a high multiple, but also we describe the people most likely to be interested in your business and how to sell to them specifically.  We breakdown the groups of likely buyers into four categories: The Young and the Restless, Third Party Investors, R & R's and The Dreamers. These categories of potential buyers are based on years of our practical experience working with both buyers and sellers of small businesses.


Make It Big With Yuvi is written for the beginners as well as experienced small business sellers as well as people who just purchased a small business. As we point out, you should run your small business like you are going to sell it, because one day you very well might want to sell it. In short, this book provides you all the tools you need to sell your small business for maximum profit.


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Make It Big With Yuvi: How to Sell Your Business For Maximum Profit is a
book that is full of useful and valuable information. By following a few
simple steps, it has helped me sell businesses more quickly and for more
money. I have found the reading easy and down-to-earth and the information
vital and easy to use. This book can help small business owners make a lot
more money when they sell their business.  This book has helped our business

owners save ab


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