Fuel Oil in Industry

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Shaw Publishing Company, 1920 - 270 halaman

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Halaman 10 - C and a similar operation is carried out. The difference between the resulting reading and the first reading gives the percentage of oxygen in the flue gases. "The next operation is to drive the gas into the pipette D...
Halaman 23 - Stir the liquid in the bath during the run and carefully maintain it at the previously determined proper temperature. Stop the watch when the bottom of the meniscus of the oil reaches the mark on the neck of the receiving flask.
Halaman 8 - The burette A is graduated in cubic centimeters up to 100, and is surrounded by a water jacket to prevent any change in temperature from affecting the density of the gas being analyzed. " For accurate work it is advisable to use four pipettes, B...
Halaman 149 - ... 3. Chamber burner. — In this burner the oil and steam are more or less mingled within the body of the burner and pass out from the tip or nozzle as a mixture, and then, owing to the expansion of the steam, the oil is rapidly broken into minute particles.
Halaman 9 - H, which is filled with spun glass, or similar material, to clean the gas. To discharge any air or gas in the apparatus, the cock G is opened to the air and the bottle F is raised until the water in the burette reaches the 100 cubic centimeters mark. The cock G...
Halaman 34 - Place the oil cup back in the bath and measure into it a 50 cc charge of fresh oil. Destroy any bubbles on the surface of the oil, put on the cover with its thermometer, put in the heating lamp, record the temperature of the oil, and proceed to repeat the test as described above in Sections 4 to 6, inclusive. Introduce the test flame for first time at a temperature of 10° F.
Halaman 114 - ... or corporation shall be deemed guilty of a separate offense for every day...
Halaman 22 - The lower end of the outlet tube is enclosed by a larger tube, which when stoppered by a cork, C, acts as a closed air chamber and prevents the flow of oil through the outlet tube until the cork is removed and the test started. A looped string may be attached to the lower end of the cork as an aid to its rapid removal.
Halaman 23 - ... in the bath. It is extremely important that the temperature of the bath be maintained constant during the entire time consumed in making the test.
Halaman 32 - Put the oil cup in place in the water bath. Measure 50 cc of the oil to be tested in a pipette or a graduate, and place in the oil cup. The temperature of the oil shall be at least 20° F.

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