Fun, Ancient and Modern ...

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Tinsley Bros., 1878
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Page 207 - It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived, whom you may know By the name of Annabel Lee; And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me. J was a child, and she was a child, In this kingdom by the sea
Page 202 - and simple, Who have faith in God and Nature, Who believe that, in all ages, Every human heart is human; That, in even savage bosoms, There are longings, yearnings, strivings, For the good they comprehend not; That the feeble hands and helpless, Groping blindly in the darkness, Touch God's right hand in that darkness, And are
Page 163 - eyes, And pause awhile from letters to be wise. There mark what ills the scholar's life assail, Toil, envy, want, the patron and the jail. See nations slowly wise and meanly just To buried merit* raise the tardy bust. If dreams yet flatter, once again attend, Hear
Page 73 - Prince. I know you all, and will awhile uphold The unyoked humour of your idleness : Yet herein will I imitate the sun, Who doth permit the base contagions clouds To smother up his beauty from the world, That, when he please again to be himself, Being wanted, he may be more
Page 250 - house where I was born, And the little window, where the sun Came peeping in at morn ; He never came a wink too soon, Nor brought too long a day ; Bat now I often wish the night Had borne my breath away. I remember, I remember The
Page 76 - Fal. What, art thou mad ? art thou mad ? is not the truth the truth ? Prince. Why, how couldst thou know these men in Kendal green, when it was so dark thou couldst not see thy hand ? come, tell us your reason: what sayest thou to this ? Poins. Come, your reason, Jack, your reason. Fal. What,
Page 78 - be moved. Give me a cup of sack to make my eyes look red, that it may be thought I have wept; for I must speak in passion, and I will do it in King Cambyses" vein. Prince. Well, here is my leg. Fal. And here is my speech. Stand aside, nobility. Hostess. 0,
Page 76 - compulsion ? Zounds, an I were at the strappado, or all the racks in the world, I would not tell you on compulsion. Give you a reason on compulsion! if reasons were as plentiful as blackberries, I would give no man a reason upon compulsion, I. Prince. I'll
Page 86 - speak? Fal. My king! my Jove! I speak to thee, my heart King. I know thee not, old man : fall to thy prayers ; How ill white hairs become a fool and jester ! I have long dream'd of such a kind of man, So sarfeit-swell'd, so old and so profane;
Page 208 - a wind came out of the cloud by night, Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee. But our love it was stronger far than the love Of those who were older than we— Of many far wiser than we— And neither the angels in heaven above, Nor

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