Future Structure of the Uranium Enrichment Industry: Hearings, Ninety-third Congress, First (-[second]) Session ...

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Page 149 - American consumers have been forced to pay substantially higher prices for petroleum and petroleum products than they would have had to pay in a competitively structured market.
Page 377 - Electric Utilities Industry Research and Development Goals Through the Year 2000", Report of the R&D Goals Task Force to the Electric Research Council, ERC Pub. No. 1-71, June 1971 (pages 27-40). See Part III. B of Environmental Statement on Demonstration Plant (1) "Energy Resources for Power Production," Paper IAEA-SN-146/1 , US Geological Survey, August 1970.
Page 345 - Corporation) does not alter its characteristics so as to make it something other than what it actually is, an agency selected by the government to accomplish purely governmental purposes.
Page 340 - ... the need for a special type of government institution tailored to the requirements of business programs and for special types of controls over such institutions which would assure accountability to Congress and the President without impairing essential flexibility. Congress expressly noted that "the corporate form loses much of its peculiar value without reasonable autonomy in its day-to-day decisions and operations.
Page 378 - Briefings before the Task Force on Energy of the Subcommittee on Science, Research and Development of the Committee on Science and Astronautics," US House of Representatives, 92nd Congress, Second Session, Series Q, March 1972, US Government Printing Office, Washington, 1972.
Page 341 - States in collecting debts from bankrupt, insolvent, or decedents' estates; to determine the character of and the necessity for its obligations and expenditures, and the manner in which they shall be incurred, allowed, and paid...
Page 328 - Having carefully weighed the national security and other factors involved, we have undertaken consultations with the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy of the Congress concerning ways in which the United States might assist our allies to construct a multination uranium enrichment plant to help meet future world demands.
Page 381 - They see their industry after 25 years of difficult and intensive development ready to begin to assume its responsibility as the largest single endemic energy component in our complex energy society and, with further development, to become, perhaps, the energy industry of the country. But In the meanwhile it is beset by deep difficulties with many public bodies — governing, environmental, social-economic — blocking its growth and calling for moratoriums on its further development and, perhaps,...
Page 384 - I have on other occasions indicated that we are not doing too good a job in phasing in the use of our various primary energies in the decades ahead. Market forces alone, without the benefit of deep study of the effect on all elements of our society of different rates of phasing in and out of our primary energies over the next 30 years, are not good enough. "We shall be in much better position to properly orient such a phasing program after a thorough study and judgment on this question. 6. A study...
Page 140 - in achieving a remarkably efficient and enterprising enrichment industry the dedicated American scientists, engineers and managers who built, run and operate the US industry appear to have fully utilized their professional zeal for excellence as a substitute for the pressure of competition.

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