Göttingische gelehrte Anzeigen, Volume 2

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Akademie der Wissenschaften., 1796 - Books
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Page 1115 - Necker) I saw at Paris. She was very fond of me, and the husband particularly civil. Could they insult me more cruelly ! Ask me every evening to supper ; go to bed, and leave me alone with his wife — what an impertinent security ! it is making an old lover of mighty little consequence.
Page 713 - Delineations of exotick plants cultivated in the royal garden at Kew. Drawn and coloured and the botanical characters displayed according to the Linnean system.
Page 773 - Lines of Travancore in December 1789, until the Peace concluded before Seringapatam in February 1792.
Page 1021 - Pervades the swarming seas and heaving earths, Where teeming Nature broods her myriad births ; Fills the fine lungs of all that breathe or bud, Warms the new heart, and dyes the gushing blood ; With life's first spark inspires the organic frame, And, as it wastes, renews the subtle flame.
Page 715 - ... it is hoped, that every botanist will agree, when he has examined the plates with attention, that it would have been...
Page 1101 - Lorsque la providence appela le roi au trône, la France jouissait de la paix la plus profonde. Le premier soin de SM fut de manifester . ŕ toutes les puissances son désir d'en perpétuer la durée; toutes applaudirent ŕ des dispositions aussi heureuses : le roi d...
Page 1021 - O'er earth's green lap, or shoots amid her lakes, 'Your playful bands with simpering lips invite, And wed the enamour'd oxygene to light .— Round their white necks with fingers interwove, Cling the fond pair with unabating love ; Hand link'd in hand on buoyant step they rise, And soar and glisten in unclouded skies.
Page 1107 - Writings compofed by himfelt : llluftrated from his Letters, with occafional Notes and Narrative, by John Lord Sheffield. 410. 2 Vols.
Page 1020 - Till from her fable chariot eve ferene • Drops the dark curtain o'er the brilliant fcene; •You form with chemic hands the airy furge, • Mix with broad vans, with lhadowy tridents urge.
Page 1021 - Hand liiik'J in hand on buoyant ftep they rife, And foar and gliften in unclouded ikies. Whence in bright floods the vital air expands, And with concentric fpheres involves the lands; Pervades the fwarming leas, and heaving earths, Where teeming Nature broods her myriad births ; Fills the fine lungs of all that breathe or...

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