GB 1886.215-2016 Translated English of Chinese Standard (GB 1886.215-2016, GB1886.215-2016): Food grade white oil

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This Standard is applicable to food additive white oil obtained from petroleum lubricating oil distillate through dewaxing, chemical refining or hydrofining. 2 Technical Requirements 2.1 Sensory requirements The sensory requirements shall comply with the provisions of Table 1. Table 1 ĘC Sensory Requirements Item Requirements Test method Color and luster Colorless, transparent, no fluorescence Take an appropriate amount of sample and place it in a clean and dry beaker; observe its color, state, and smell it under natural light State Oil state of liquid Odor Odorless 2.2 Physical and chemical indicators The physical and chemical indicators shall comply with the provisions of Table 2. GB 1886.215-2016 ? Buy True-PDF ? Auto-delivery. Page 5 of 6 Table 2 -- Physical and Chemical Indicators Table 2 ĘC Continued High viscosity Item Indicator Low and medium viscosity Test method Pass test Not detectedPass test Pass test Pass test Pass test Pass test Pass test Pass test Pass test Pass test Not detected Not detected Not detected Not detectedArsenic (As)/ (mg/kg) Heavy metal (by Pb)/ (mg/kg) Readily carbonizable substance Solid paraffin Water soluble acid or alkali No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 Conform to claim Conform to claim Confo

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