GB 5009.263-2016 Translated English of Chinese Standard. GB5009.263-2016: National Standard of Food Safety - Determination of Aspartame and Alitame in Foods

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This Standard is applicable to the determination of aspartame and alitame in foods. According to the characteristics that the aspartame and alitame are soluble in water, while the methanol and ethanol are not soluble in the fat-soluble solvents, use aqueous methanol solution to extract the samples of vegetables and their products, fruits and their products, edible fungi and algae, cereals and their products, baked products, puffed products and jellies under ultrasonic vibration conditions; use water to extract the samples of concentrated juices, carbonated beverages, solid beverages, table sauces and other candies except gum base candies; after the ethanol precipitates the protein, use the aqueous ethanol solution to extract the samples of dairy products, milk-containing beverages and frozen drinks; for gum base candies, use n-hexane to dissolve gum base, then use water to extract; use water to extract the fat emulsified products, cocoa products, chocolate and its products, nuts and seeds, aquatic products, and egg products, then use n- hexane to remove the fat compositions. Separate the extracting solutions on the liquid chromatography C18 reversed-phase column; detect at a wavelength of 200nm; qualitative by retention time of the chromatography peak; and quantitative by the external standard method.

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