GB/T 20234.1-2023 Translated English of Chinese Standard (GB/T 20234.1-2023, GBT20234.1-2023): Connection set for conductive charging of electric vehicles - Part 1: General requirements

Sprednja platnica, 10. okt. 2023 - 87 strani
This document specifies the technical requirements for voltage and current ratings, appearance, structure, environmental adaptability, electrical performance, and mechanical performance of connection set for conductive charging of electric vehicles. It describes the test conditions, test methods, inspection items and other inspection requirements for connection set for conductive charging of electric vehicles. The document is applicable to AC charging connection set with a frequency of 50 Hz, a rated voltage not exceeding AC 690 V, and a rated current not exceeding 250 A for conductive charging of electric vehicles, as well as DC charging connection set with rated voltage not exceeding DC 1500 V and rated current (duration maximum current) not exceeding 1000 A. This document does not apply to the charging connection set that uses standard plugs and sockets that comply with GB/T 1002 and GB/T 2099.1 for the plug and socket-outlet. When the charging connection set specified in this document is used for electric vehicles in special places such as water conservancy, mining, construction sites, agricultural operations, or other fields other than road vehicles, additional requirements may be required in terms of the installation location, operating conditions, usage methods, environmental adaptability, etc. of the charging connection set.

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