GB/T 20564.3-2017: Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GBT 20564.3-2017, GB/T20564.3-2017, GBT20564.3-2017): Continuously Cold Rolled High Strength Steel Sheet and Strip for Automobile - Part 3: High Strength Interstitial Free Steel

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This Part of GB/T 20564 specifies the terms and definitions, classification and grade expression method, ordering contents, dimension, appearance, weight, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, package, mark and quality certificate of cold rolled high strength interstitial free steel sheet and strip. This Part is applicable to the steel sheet and strip with thickness of 0.50mm ~ 3.00mm used for manufacturing automobile external and internal plates and partial structures.

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Dimension Appearance Weight
Method of Test
Test Methods
Inspection Rules
Package Mark and Quality Certificate
Appendix A Informative Chemical Compositions of Steel
Foreign Grades

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