GB/T 230.2-2022 Translated English of Chinese Standard (GB/T 230.2-2022, GBT230.2-2022): Metallic materials - Rockwell hardness test - Part 2: Verification and calibration of testing machines and indenters

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This document specifies two inspection methods (direct inspection and indirect inspection) of the Rockwell durometer, for determining the Rockwell hardness, according to GB/T 230.1; specifies the inspection method of the Rockwell hardness indenter. The direct test method is suitable for checking whether the main parameters related to the function of the durometer are within the specified tolerances, such as test force, depth measurement, test cycle time. The indirect test method is suitable for using a set of calibrated reference blocks, to determine the performance of the durometer, when measuring materials with known hardness. The indirect test method can be used alone for regular routine inspections, using medium durometers. If the durometer can also be used for the hardness test of other hardness test methods, the durometer shall be tested separately, according to each method. This document applies to both stationary durometers and portable durometers. Note that tungsten carbide alloy ball indenters have been considered as Rockwell hardness standard ball indenters. The steel ball indenter is limited to use, under the conditions of Appendix A in GB/T 230.1-2018.

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Period of direct and indirect inspection

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