GB/T 32095.4-2015: Translated English of Chinese Standard (GBT 32095.4-2015, GB/T32095.4-2015, GBT32095.4-2015): Performance and test methods of non-stick surface of domestic metal cooking utensils - Part 4: Test specification of simulative test and evaluation methods

앞표지, 2017. 4. 2. - 8페이지
This Part of GB/T 32095 specifies the recipes, tools and equipment, test methods and evaluation methods of domestic metal cooking utensils (hereinafter referred to as cooking utensils) non-stick surface simulative test. This Part is applicable to cooking utensils with non-stick surface, including frying utensils, cooking utensils, rice cookers, baking equipment. This Part is applied to product designer, developer and manufacturer.

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