GB/T 50378-2014: Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GBT 50378-2014, GB/T50378-2014, GBT50378-2014): Assessment Standard for Green Building

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This standard is prepared to implement the national policy for the technical economy, save the resources, protect the environment, specify the assessment on the green buildings and promote the sustainable development. This standard is applicable to assessment of green and civil buildings. The assessment for the green buildings shall be in accordance with local conditions and consider the climate, environment, resource, economy, culture, etc. at the place where the buildings are located and then a comprehensive assessment shall be given to the buildings in terms of the energy, land, water and material saving together with environmental protection within the total service life of the buildings. The assessment of green buildings shall not only meet the requirements of this standard, but also comply with those in the current relevant ones of the nation.

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Material Saving and Material Resource Utilization
Explanation of Wording in This Standard

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