GB/T 7233.1-2023 Translated English of Chinese Standard (GB/T 7233.1-2023, GBT7233.1-2023): Steel castings -- Ultrasonic testing -- Part 1: Steel castings for general purposes

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This Document specifies the general requirements and testing methods for ultrasonic testing of steel castings for general purposes. This Document applies to the ultrasonic testing of general-purposed steel castings having a grain refining heat treatment and a wall thickness not exceeding 600 mm. For steel castings with a wall thickness greater than 600mm, if there is no special requirement, refer to it. This Document does not apply to austenitic steel and austenitic-ferritic duplex stainless steel. Martensitic stainless steel can be implemented as a reference.

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Testing Method
Appendix A Informative Structural Changes between this Document and ISO 4992
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