GB/T 9074.31-2017: Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GBT 9074.31-2017, GB/T9074.31-2017, GBT9074.31-2017): Conical spring washers for assemblies

Sampul Depan, 18 Mei 2019 - 8 halaman
This Part of GB/T 9074 specifies type size, technical conditions and marks of conical spring washers for assemblies. This Part applies to conical spring washers used for bolt or screw and conical washer assemblies that comply with GB/T 9074.32. This Part applies to the washers that the specifications are 2.5mm ~ 12mm, that are used together with bolts or screws (GB/T 3098.1) of which the performance levels are 8.8 and 10.9. If used for bolts or screws that the performance level is less than 8.8, due to deformation of the contact surface, the performance of the washers shall be significantly reduced.

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