GIS Diffusion: The Adoption And Use Of Geographical Information Systems In Local Government in Europe

Sampul Depan
I. Masser, Heather Campbell, Massimo Craglia
CRC Press, 25 Mar 1996 - 240 halaman
This third book in the GISDATA series focuses on the widespread use of geographical information systems GIS in European local government. The editors include a wide range of applications carried out by different professional groups, and offer the opportunity of studying the extent to which diffusion of innovations like GIS are sensitive to national issues such as cultural context, institutional setup and the availability of data.; The book answers key questions such as: what can be learnt from research on organizational behaviour in relation to technological innovation?; what are the classical features of the GIS diffusion process?; to what extent is the adoption and utilization of GIS facilitated - or impeded - by the organizational culture within which it takes place?; and what mechanisms can be applied to enhance the diffusion of GIS? The book covers aspects of diffusion in the following European countries: UK, France, Italy, Poland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Greece and Portugal.

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Brave new GIS worlds
Theoretical perspectives of the diffusion of GIS technologies
GIS in local government in five European countries
a federal approach to land information management
GIS and administrative decentralization
Local autonomy register based information
GIS in local government in four other European countries
a historical perspective on GIS diffusion
methodological doubts and practical solutions
the diffusion of graphic information technology
A comparative evaluation of GIS diffusion in local government
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