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Research & Education Association, 1999 - Business & Economics - 450 pages
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Kathryn F.Porter,Ph.D.
Associate Professor
California Educators
St.Mary College of California
Research and Education Association
Subject: Towing Tug Driver Work
Force and time are very necessary on Cargo Operations business.Towing tug
Driver & Mechanic must be always energetic when performing their task.He
must be aware on the baggage on baggage cart during loading,unloading or
when delivering it by observing the falling baggage from baggage cart to pre-
vent loosen and flight delay.Towing tug must be OK,serviceable daily to use
during Cargo operations.
Cargo Test Questionaire @Federal Express,United Parcel Service,Boeing Co.
General Electric Aviation,Ford,Chevrolet,GMC,Detroit Engines,Mobil,Chevron,
Hobart Generator,Isuzu of America,American Pilot Association,American Red
Cross,U S Navy Officers and Enlisted men.
1.Did this 2 Cargo Parcel Co. are use during U S Presidential national election?
2.How many load weight or gross weight per baggage cart?
3.How many baggage cart are being tow of tug during operations at airport per
flight at elsewhere route?
3.What are a capacity power or Horse power of each tug by Engineer Design?
4.Which tug are best to use at Cargo operations business?
5.Towing tug Driver must be (install,mint) before He goes (from,to) work? Yes/No
6.Tug Driver must be enable and responsible to ( adhere,install) a center pin to
carry baggage cart.Yes/No Why?
7.Tug Driver must have a Surety Bond at this kind of job (due to,by) our....
Yes/No 1.Auto Club 2.Fishermen Association 3.Global membership
4.Fragile luggage 5.Research and Education Association 6.Bank
7.Investment 8.U S $ 1000+ (Pacquiao bet) 9.U S $ 1000+ ( Vargas bet)
8.How much U S $ money would be the salary per hour or per month of Towing
Tug Driver?
9.Who would be bet on U S President,U S Vice President on November 8,2016
Presidential national election of all American voters?
Wrote by: Mr.Leon O Valencia

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