Gale Middleton: A Story of the Present Day

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Richard Bentley, 1833
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Page 222 - For, the Man — Who, in this spirit, communes with the Forms Of nature, who with understanding heart Both knows and loves such objects as excite No morbid passions, no disquietude, No vengeance, and no hatred — needs must feel The joy of that pure principle of love So deeply, that, unsatisfied with aught Less pure and exquisite, he cannot choose But seek for objects of a kindred love In fellow-natures and a kindred joy.
Page 58 - Let me shake off th' intrusive cares of day, And lay the meddling senses all aside. Where now, ye lying vanities of life! Ye ever-tempting ever-cheating train!
Page 148 - ... careless season Spite of melancholy reason, Will walk through life in such a way That, when time brings on decay, Now and then I may possess Hours of perfect gladsomeness, — Pleased by any random toy ; By a kitten's busy joy, Or an infant's laughing eye Sharing in the ecstasy...
Page 24 - Is heaven tremendous in its frowns ? Most sure; And in its favours formidable too: Its favours here are trials, not rewards; A call to duty, not discharge from care...
Page 148 - I would fare like that or this, Find my wisdom in my bliss ; Keep the sprightly soul awake, And have faculties to take, Even from things by sorrow wrought, Matter for a jocund thought, Spite of care, and spite of grief, To gambol with Life's falling Leaf.
Page 24 - All joys, but joys that never can expire. Who builds on less than an immortal base, Fond as he seems, condemns his joys to death.
Page 167 - THE WAY то BE HAPPY. — Happiness is always to be found if we only condescend to pick it up seed by seed. As none of its ingrédients should be thought too minute to be gathered and added to our atore so none should be deemed too insignificant for distribution to others. Occasions for con"^ТйЛЗотьТ^
Page 88 - I've Liquor to quaff May Mirth and good Fellowfhip always abound ; Boys fill up a Bumper and let it go round. Boys fill .up, &c S O'NG The COMPARISON.
Page 168 - Jfening great benefits do not often occur, and when they do it may not he in our power to besto 1 .. /them; but the little services and gratifications which are within the humblest member of society...

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