Galen's Kids: A College Retrospective

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Xlibris Corporation, May 1, 2006 - Fiction - 186 pages
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College. Tests. Future. Career. My Life. Why am I here? Galen's Kids traces the story of Brian Murphy, a sophomore at St. Barrows College, a small private college in Helena, Montana. Away from his mid-west roots, he tries to fit in as a pre-med student in a withering academic curriculum. Out of sync with his classmates, the Montana environment, his roommate; and the mid 1970's; Brian finds himself "in way over his head" amidst a crew of focused, hard charging collegians. Galen & #8212 whose therapeutic traditions still influence today & #8212 brought to the medical discipline, ceaseless curiosity, unbridled confidence and relentless instruction that consume so many of its acolytes. Brian is one of those kids, faced with a collegial perspective he doesn't get, a cultural state of mind that he doesn't relate to, a personal confidence he doesn't have and a Big Sky Outlook he doesn't understand. He struggles to fit in, nonetheless. His search for his own identity encompasses his support network: the wizened loner, the quintessential doctor-to-be, the psychological misfit, a couple of sociopaths and most importantly . . . Sandie.< /P> A pre-med student herself, she tries to lead Brian on his journey and show him his own path. He may not be pre-med material but he's still a collegian. Maybe in a true liberal arts tradition, he's a future college professor. Brian still has his future in front of him. Just choose, decide, focus, stay on track, be like us, Sandie hopes. But can he? Facing personal demons, temptations, downturns, short-term victories and distractions; he drifts from Sandie's oversight and vision. But to where? Can hemake it back? Join a modern pilgrim's quest in a small town college, whipped along by his decisions and their consequences. College is the laboratory where we first heat the test tube of our lives, where we face the discovery of who we are and what we need and why we choose what we do. If you've sweated college, your future and how you fit in; you have to read Galen's Kids . & copy; 2006

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