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Excessica, 2011 - Fiction
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Sexy overweight Leoma is hunted down by a thirst to kill, soul stilling, mate craving Alp creature from the forbidden world. But the way the Queen of the forbidden world takes care of her problem Alp will be to send her three immortal human warriors-Galinn, Kallisto and Alexios after the heart of the Alp and bring it back to the forbidden world.

The three warriors, while hunting the Alp, decide to risk their immortality and not return to the forbidden world. But they need a plan, a plan that will risk their own lives from the Queen when she learns of their decision.

While hunting the Alp, Galinn falls in love with Leoma. Leoma is everything a woman should be to Galinn, soft, with rounded curves he can hold on to. Promising to protect her and find a way not to return to the Queen, she is captured by the Alp. The Alp hides her in a hidden cave in the mountains of Kentucky. Inserts the mating hormone inside her that could destroy her, could change her future with Galinn forever…

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