Gallipoli: The battlefield guide

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The essential travel companion for anyone visiting Gallipoli.

Each year, thousands of Australians visit Gallipoli to pay homage and see where their forebears fought, suffered and died. Anzac Cove, Quinn's Post, Lone Pine - the iconic places where our national legend was forged.

In this essential and authoritative guide, practical information is combined with historical detail, alongside revealing and often heartrending quotes from the letters and diaries of the Anzacs themselves.

- Detailed easy-to-follow plans for walking and driving tours across the main battlefields
- Maps, photos and historical commentary to put the campaign in context
- Everything you need to know where to go, where to stay and how to get there.

Walk where the Anzacs walked, see where they fought and marvel at their courage.


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Mat McLachlan is one of Australia's leading war historians and battlefield guides, and has spent more than a decade following in the footsteps of Australian troops on battlefields around the world. His 2007 book, WALKING WITH THE ANZACS, is considered the definitive guide to Australian battlefields on the Western Front. Mat also produced the First World War documentary 'Lost in Flanders' and appears regularly as a historian on the ABC, The History Channel and Channel 7's 'Sunrise'.

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