Gambetta: orator, dictator, journalist, statesman

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Bennet Brothers, 1881 - 176 pages
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Page 131 - The Chamber, considering that it is incumbent upon it in the present crisis, in order to accomplish the mandate which it received from the country, to recall the fact that the preponderance of the Parliamentary power exercised through Ministerial responsibility is the first condition of the government of the country by the country — to establish which was the object of the constitutional laws — declares that the confidence of the majority will only be enjoyed by a Cabinet which is free in its...
Page 146 - What you have done has influenced Governments — proverbially so difficult to be moved — and the impulse you have imparted) to them will, I am convinced, go on growing year after year.
Page 61 - France compact and indivisible ; let us not betray our history nor hand over to the barbarian our hereditary domain. Who, then, would sign ? It would not be the Legitimists who have fought so well under the flag of the Republic to defend the soil of the old kingdom of France ! Nor you, sons of the bourgeois of 1789 whose master work has been to weld the old provinces into one compact and indissoluble whole ; nor you, workingmen of the towns, whose intelligent and generous patriotism has always represented...
Page 128 - ... combat it. There had already been room for astonishment that the Chamber of Deputies, in its latest sittings, had discussed a whole Municipal Law, and even adopted some provisions, the danger of which you yourself had recognised in the Council of Ministers, such as the publicity of the sittings of Municipal Councils without the Minister of the Interior having taken part in the discussion. This attitude of the head of the Cabinet naturally suggests the inquiry whether he retains over the Chamber...
Page 146 - Continent to our view, but you have given an impulse to scientific and philanthropic enterprise which will have a material effect on the progress of the world. It is not only in the action of private individuals that that is seen.
Page 34 - BepuNique" could not allow this glorious anniversary to pass over without referring to it as a great example for the future. Let the spirit that fired our ancestors animate our souls, and we will conquer. Let us to-day honor our fathers and to-morrow let us know how, like them, to seize on victory in facing death. Vive la France ! Vive la Republique ! THE EXILE'S HOPE.
Page 11 - ... France: Listen! For seventeen years you have been the absolute and discreet masters of France — that is your own phrase — we will not look for the uses to which you have put her treasures, blood, her honour and glory; of that you are the best judge. Because it is the witness of your own remorse, you have never dared to say: "We will celebrate, we will put among the solemnities of France the 2nd of December as a national anniversary.

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