Gammopathies: Webster's Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature RedistributingThere was, however, an enormous monastic landed property to be redistributed This was confiscated, and appropriated, not to public purposes, but, as usually happens in revolutions, to the use of the astutest of the revolutionists.ndash;Brooks Adams in The Emancipation of Massachusetts.I subdivided it, spread it, redistributed it.ndash;Max Beerbohm in And Even Now.He did not believe that a more effective means than this lay in the proposed plan for a redistribution of seats in the House of Commons.ndash;Edmund Burke in Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America (Edited with introduction and notes by Sidney Carleton Newson).It remains to follow the routes by which it was redistributed throughout Europe.ndash;Cheyney in European Background Of American History.During the time in which a single overt line of action is in suspense, his activities are confined to such redistributions of energy within the organism as will prepare a determinate course of action.ndash;John Dewey in Democracy and Education.There is constant redistribution of the focus of the action, as is seen in the illustration of a game as over against pulling a fixed weight by a series of uniform motions.ndash;John Dewey in Democracy and Education.There is mere spatial redistribution.ndash;John Dewey in Democracy and Education.Under their distant rule, the hetmans or chiefs, chosen from among the Cossacks themselves, redistributed the territory into military districts.ndash;Nikolai Gogol in Taras Bulba, et. al.Now, what we find so redistributed in the course of years, we often find crushed together and fallen apart in a short time.ndash;Hans Gross in Criminal Psychology.He urged that the new Left must have a full place in the Ministry, and that any Liberal Minister must be pledged to deal with redistribution in the House.ndash;Stephen Gwynn in The Life of the Rt Hon Sir Charles W. Dilke, vol 1.

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