Garages and motor boat houses: comprising a large number of designs for both private and commercial buildings ... contributed by architects from different sections of the United States

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The William T. Comstock Company, 1911 - House & Home - 121 pages

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Page 118 - ... vehicle while any light or fire on the same is burning, and no such liquid shall be carried or kept in open vessels in any garage.
Page 112 - A person who makes or keeps gunpowder or any other explosive substance within a city or village, in any quantity or manner prohibited by law, or by ordinance of the city or village, if any explosion thereof occurs, whereby the death of a human being is occasioned, is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree.
Page 115 - Covered by a screen of thirty-mesh brass wire; (4) Closed by a screw cap when not in use, and — (5) Enclosed in a metal box, with a cover that is flush with the surface of the ground and is kept locked when not in use; (6) And so arranged that the filling pipe cannot be opened without opening the vent.
Page 111 - A person who makes or keeps gunpowder, nitro-glycerine, or any other explosive or combustible material, within a city or village, or carries such materials through the streets thereof, in a quantity or manner prohibited by law or by ordinance of the city or village, is guilty of a misdemeanor.
Page 118 - NO SMOKING" shall be kept displayed in a conspicuous place and manner on all floors and at the entrance of all garages.
Page 114 - ... level of the lowest cellar floor in any such building; 10. Be embedded in twelve inches of Portland Cement concrete, well tamped in place, and — a. Should there be more than one tank, they shall be separated by at least twelve inches of such concrete, and — b. Should a tank be within ten feet of a building and not be buried at least two feet lower than the level of the lowest cellar floor of such building, it shall be embedded and surrounded by Portland Cement concrete twelve inches in thickness...
Page 111 - ... demonstrating purposes, and all that portion of a building that is on or below the floor or floors in which such vehicles are kept and that is not separated therefrom by suitable cutoffs.
Page 116 - Pump Houses Shall Not Be Placed in Certain Locations. No pump house containing an intake, or filling cock, or valve for storage tanks, shall be placed — • 1. In a building more than one story high; 2. In a building that has a cellar or basement; 3. In the cellar or basement of any building; 4. In an area between a building and a sidewalk; 5. Under a sidewalk; or — 6. Within the stoop line.
Page 113 - ... rubber tired wheels. The tank shall be discharged by pumping and not by air pressure, and the outlet shall be free from leakage when the pump is not working. No hose attached to the tank shall be more than eight feet in length. All hose connections shall be Keystone brass unions.
Page 118 - Smoking is absolutely prohibited in any room or place in which a volatile inflammable liquid is kept, or in any room or hall opening into such room or place. A notice in large letters "NO SMOKING...

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