Garden Cities of Tomorrow

General Books LLC, 2009 - 98 páginas
Book may have numerous typos, missing text, images, or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1902. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... INDEX Act of Parliament for enforce- ment of rates unnecessary, 66. (See Parliament.) Adelaide, 129 Administration, Chapters vi., vii., viii.; effects of dissatis- faction with, not greater than in any other muni- cipality, 99 Agricultural Land, its low value compared with city land, 28; its probable future rise in value, 136 Allen's, Mr. Grant, Description of London, 148 Allotments, their favourable situations, 33 Appropriation of Wealth-forms advocated by Socialists, 117; a new creation of urged as a counter programme, 122 Bakeries, 82 Balfour, Right Hon. A. J., real question for working classes is one of production, not of division, 116 Baker, Sir Benj., Sewerage of London, 32; London Rail- ways, 131 Banks, Penny, precursors of Post Office Banks, 88; Pro- Municipal, 88 Barwise, Dr., Water famine in Derbyshire, 17 Binnie, Sir Alexander, Sewerage of London, 32 Birmingham, profits on gas, 67 Blake's resolve, 20 Boffin, Mr. and Mrs., 70 Bruce, Lord, Liquor Traffic, 10 Buckingham, J. S., his scheme combined with others, 110 Building lots, number and size, 39; estimated rents, 41 -- Societies, a field for, 89 Burns, Mr. J., M.P., L.C.C., 89 Cadbury, George, and temper- ance, 85 Capital, How raised, 20, 43; security for, 63, 64. (See "Wealth Forms and Vested Interests.") Cawston, Arthur, Scheme for London improvement, 149 Central Council, Its Rights, powers, and duties, 71; delegation of its powers, 72; how constituted, 74 Chamberlain, Right Hon. Joseph, Limits of Muni- cipal activity, 68 Charitable Institutions, 27, 65 Chester, Bishop of, Temperance, 85 Children and water famine, 17; nearness to schools, 48 China, Alleged effects of opium, 10 Churches, 24, 39 Circle Railway, 25; cost of, 58, 60; Railway and Canal Traffic Act (1894), 60 Cities, Alarming growth of, 11; ...

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