Gay Reality: The Team Guido Story

Front Cover
iUniverse, Apr 1, 2003 - Humor - 76 pages
"Here's a white, gay couple who are older, who are hysterically funny.... I gotta say, I love them!"
--Rosie O'Donnell, "The Rosie Show"

"They're "Team Guido," named in honor of their dog and, arguably, the most entertaining couple of the bunch."
--Tom Shales, "The Washington Post"

""Team Guido" showed mainstream America that gay couples are not only charismatic, but also that they can be stable, loyal and devoted, with longevity."
--"Genre Magazine"

"You can't force someone to accept you, but you can drive away potential allies. Just keep your sex lives to yourselves."
--Bill O'Reilly, "The O'Reilly Factor"

"A welcome down-to-earth couple, between the buffed up boys of "Queer as Folk" and the campy histrionics of "Will and Grace." Their long term relationship should be of value to any young gay man in search of level headed role models and a sense of their community's history."
--Christopher Rice, Bestselling Novelist

""Team Guido," I love them!"
--Diane Sawyer, on "The Rosie Show"

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