Gazette of fashion, and cutting-room companion [afterw.] Minister's gazette of fashion

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Page 72 - shall mean any room or place whatever, whether in the open air or under cover, in which any handicraft is carried on by any child, young person, or woman, and to which and over which the person by whom such child, young person, or woman is employed has the right of access and control : •' The Court " shall include any justice or justices, • • magistrate or magistrates, to whom jurisdiction is given by this Act.
Page 72 - No child, young person, or woman shall be employed in any handicraft on Sunday, or after two o'clock on Saturday afternoon, except in cases where not more than five persons are employed in the same establishment, and where such employment consists in making articles to be sold by retail on the premises, or in repairing articles of a like nature to those sold by retail on the premises : (5) No child under the age of eleven years shall be employed in grinding in the metal trades or in fustian cutting.
Page 72 - No child under the age of eight years shall be employed in any handicraft: (2) No child shall be employed on any one day in any handicraft for a period of more than six and a half hours, and such employment shall take place between the hours of six in the morning and eight at night: (3) No young person or woman shall be employed in any handicraft during any period of twenty-four hours for more than twelve hours, with intervening periods for taking meals and rest amounting in the whole to not less...
Page 72 - shall mean any manual labour exercised by way of trade or for purposes of gain in or incidental to the making any article or part of an article, or in or incidental to the altering, repairing, ornamenting, finishing, or otherwise adapting for sale any article...
Page 73 - Act, subjects to fines, not only the occupier of the workshop, whether parent or not, but even "the parent of, or the person deriving any direct benefit from the labour of, or having the control over, the child, young person or woman." The Factory Acts Extension Act, which affects the large establishments, derogates from the Factory Act by a crowd of vicious exceptions and cowardly compromises with the masters. The Workshops...
Page 73 - ... if it be not open, so as to admit of such service, then by leaving it at the attorney's residence with some person of suitable age and discretion.
Page 108 - The in•cision is made in the median line of the posterior vaginal cul-de-sac with scissors, and from an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half in length, the latter preferable.
Page 72 - shall mean a person of the age of thirteen years and under the age of eighteen years :
Page 73 - In letterpress printing male young persons of the age of sixteen years and upwards may be employed for a period not exceeding fifteen hours in any one day : Provided that — ist.
Page 73 - ... shall be liable to a penalty of not more than twenty shillings, unless it appears to the Court before whom the complaint is heard that the offence has been committed without the consent, connivance, or •wilful default of the parent or person so benefited, or having such control.

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