Gbites: A Memoir and Letter to My Friends

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AuthorHouse, Apr 20, 2009 - Religion - 132 pages

Gbites is a motivation memoir to my friends and a tool to initiate change in ones life which can very frankly be challenging. gbites exposes the many barriers that block or discourage the mere idea that we can accomplish goals that we set for our personal life such as weight loss.


One of the unforgiving truths of life especially in regards to our health is that the consequences of our unhealthy choices and risky life style does not manifest until years later. Subconsciously we make a decision to deal with our unhealthy behavior once the problem exist be it obesity, chronic disease, or relationships.


Eighty percent of the leading causes of chronic diseases are preventable. That means we are not helpless or victims of our environment but we can step up take control and begin to make decisions that will impact our health for the positive and for the future.


It is not about weight- that is easy. It is about your health! Being there for your husband, your kids, your grandkids, or any significant other that you care for and want to be a part of their lives for as long as God has promised for us to live in the earth. What a revelation! Health, Healing, and Wholeness belong to us all!


gbites will help you begin your journey One Day At A Time- One Meal At A Time-One Bite At A Time!



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About the author (2009)


I have been privileged to coach well over one hundred or more people using the gbites system and they have been successful. It is my goal that this memoir be user friendly and become an inspired manual to the moderate lifestyle that can reap health, healing, and wholeness to the body. I am not an expert by any means but I am a woman that chose the moderate lifestyle and continues to live it successfully. My mind has been renewed and I have learned to recognize when I am full. I was obese and for ten years I have maintained a healthy weight zone. I eat real food enjoying what I have in moderation. It is not only my testimony, but gbites is the testimony of the many people this system has touched and renewed their minds and how they not only view food but themselves.


I truly believe that gbites has improved my quality of life and has helped me to deliberately choose life daily.


Donald and I hope that my testimony becomes a testament in your life of the goodness of our loving Father and pushes you reach higher than you ever thought possible in this lifetime to make quality changes that will change your quality of life.


Only you can take control of your life but gbites can help One Day at a Time- One Meal at a Time- One Bite at a Time.




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