Gems of Discovery: Short Stories for the Soul

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AuthorHouse, Feb 18, 2005 - Self-Help - 180 pages

Gems Of Discovery


The parting of a loved one is a painful initiation of questioning about the purpose and journey of the soul. This collection of short stories is the author’s individual and personal presentation of the healing and subsequent growth of the soul when coming to terms with personal loss. Years of pain-staking effort have gone into the introspection and expression of these emotions.


The characters, and main speaker “I,” represent the anonymity of all of us. The emotional and spiritual connections as the stories progress poignantly convey one person’s spiritual quest, from anguish to acceptance and strength from personal loss. The speaker’s search results in rediscovering innocent love, linking individual to universal characteristics, and the use of spiritual energy to enhance relationships among people. The soul awakens, and becomes more an active force in daily life.


The path to seeking a greater understanding remains unique to every individual, based on personal circumstances and desire. This journey is not one that is traveled by physical means, but entails a search based on the soul, spirit, and mind. If allowed, the soul can soar every moment of every day, boundless by any physical limit or barrier. The soul has no boundaries on its essence, and enlightenment. The challenge lies in the search for truth and understanding. It all begins with the need to search and seek for answers.


Anyone attempting to come to peace with the loss of a loved one, and the ability to lead an enriched life afterwards, will benefit by the simple truths expressed in these stories. This life is only the begging of a spiritual odyssey of the soul. The soul is a rich gem, waiting to be polished in all its potential brilliance.


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About the author (2005)

Ms. Gallagher has come to peace with her personal loss, and is now settled happily with her family.

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