Gender, Education and Work: Inequalities and Intersectionality

Taylor & Francis, 27. mar. 2017 - 166 sider

Girls outperform boys in educational achievement, yet women in work are less well paid, are underrepresented in positions of power and carry a disproportionate burden of care and childcare.

Gender, Education and Work analyses and interprets the latest data and research in the field to offer detailed historical and sociological explanations for this continuing inequity, exploring different dimensions of inequality and how they intersect.

With discussion questions and selected further reading to support reflection on your own understanding and assumptions, it covers key topics:

  • Historical approaches to the education of girls and women
  • Key theories and debates
  • Patterns of achievement and intersectionality
  • Attainment gaps and socio-economic status
  • Ethnicity and attainment gaps
  • Gender in the classroom and gender identity in schools
  • Patterns of employment and the nature of work
  • The gender pay gap
  • Women’s experience of work

Gender, Education and Work provides the arguments together with the historical evidence and research data required by serious education studies and sociology students engaged in the analysis of this urgent and complex topic.


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continuity and change
2 Key theories and debates in gender inequality
3 Patterns of achievement and intersectionality of gender class and ethnic attainment gaps
4 Attainment gaps and socioeconomic status SES
5 Ethnicity and attainment gaps
6 Gender in the classroom
7 Constructing and challenging gender and sexual identities within the school
8 Patterns of employment and the nature of work
9 The gender pay gap
motherhood penalties attitudes to gender equality parental leave bullying and sexual harassment

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Christine Eden is Emeritus Professor of Education and formerly Assistant Dean of the School of Education, Bath Spa University, UK

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