Gene Expression Studies in Potato and Their Relationship to After-cooking Darkening

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Library & Archives Canada, 2007 - 90 pages
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After-cooking darkening is caused by a non-enzymatic oxidation reaction. The ferrous-chlorogenic acid complex formed during cooking oxidizes to form a bluish-gray colored ferri-dichlorogenic acid. In this study, expressions of five candidate genes were examined using relative quantitative RT-PCR. They are two genes encoding C4H and HQT, one gene encoding CS, one gene encoding FRT, and one gene encoding COP1. Tubers with high and low levels of ACD from an ACD segregating diploid family and two tetraploid cultivars were analyzed. The results showed that C4H and HQT gene expression levels are significantly higher in ACD susceptible clones. The CS and FRT gene expressions did not show significant differences among all the samples analyzed. The COP1 gene showed consistently higher expression in the ACD resistant clones; even the difference with the susceptible clones was not statistically significant. The CgA and CA contents in the selected samples correlated with the ACD.

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