General Laws of the State of Kansas

Kansas State Journal, 1872

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Página 238 - To hold, purchase and convey such real and personal estate, as the purposes of the corporation shall require, not exceeding the amount limited in its charter:
Página 197 - A majority of each house shall constitute a quorum to do business; but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day, and may compel the attendance of absent members in such manner, and under such penalties, as each house may provide.
Página 299 - The inhabitants of the town of ," (naming it ;) and by that name they and their successors shall be known in law, have perpetual succession, unless disincorporated, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and...
Página 238 - To have succession by its corporate name, for the period limited in its charter ; and when no period is limited, perpetually : 2.
Página 113 - ... shall make a registration thereof in a book to be kept for that purpose in his office, showing the date, amount, number, maturity, and rate of interest of such bonds, and upon the subscription or donation to what railroad the same was given.
Página 340 - Children under ten years of age, who appear incapable of receiving just impressions of the facts respecting which they are ex-amined, or of relating them truly.
Página 109 - Islands, after dates named in said bonds not less than five nor more than thirty years from the date of their issue, together with...
Página 238 - To appoint such subordinate officers and agents as the business of the corporation shall require, and to allow them a suitable compensation: 6.
Página 341 - ... in no case shall either be permitted to testify concerning any communication made by one to the other during the marriage, whether called while that relation subsisted or afterwards.
Página 212 - ... the peace, good government and welfare of the city, and its trade, commerce, and manufactures...

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