General Report of the Legislative Council to the Legislature

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Page vii - Legislative contingent fund, payable only on audit of the comptroller, after approval by the speaker of the assembly and the president pro tempore of the senate (and also by the chairman of the committee...
Page 56 - Laws of 1953, the legislative council was directed to study the matter of the subdivision and platting of lands and to report its findings and recommendations to the 1955 legislature.
Page 48 - ... to enable the legislature to develop an integrated and balanced highway system and to establish a longrange highway improvement program.
Page 40 - ... two years. The College of William and Mary is authorized to establish, in connection with its collegiate course, a system of normal instruction and training for the purpose of educating and training white men for teaching for the public schools. It is governed by a board of...
Page 8 - F. LA FOND and ALFRED VAN DE ZANDE; ASSEMBLYMEN FRANK N. GRAASS, LELAND S. MCPARLAND, JOHN PRITCHARD. Agriculture: The committee was appointed pursuant to Joint Resolution 99, A. of the 1953 Legislature and directed to review the animal disease control programs jointly administered by the state and federal governments, particularly the Brucellosis program and in conjunction therewith the need for the maintenance of equal indemnity payments by both the state and federal governments in those counties...
Page 13 - There were several changes in the membership of the Child Welfare Committee at the beginning of the 1955 legislative session. Assemblyman Holger B. Rasmusen, who had served as chairman during the interim, was replaced by Assemblywoman Raihle. Assemblyman Bidwell was appointed to replace Assemblyman Walter D. Cavers. Senator Carr was appointed to replace Senator Oscar W. Neale and Senator Laun to replace Senator Clifford W.
Page viii - It has been the custom of the council and its committees to refrain from undertaking any new proposals during the legislative session. It has always been the opinion of the council members that the standing committees of the legislature should take care of problems arising during the session. Unfinished business, of course, remains the responsibility of the council and its committees.
Page 91 - Among the organizations now represented are the State Board of Health, the State Department of Public Welfare, the...
Page 30 - ... council for the biennium beginning July 1, 1953, $5,000 for the expenses of the criminal code advisory committee. The expenses of the committee shall be paid as are the expenses of other council committees. SECTION 281. CRIMINAL CODE ADVISORY COMMITTEE. (1) A criminal code advisory committee is created to study Volume V of the legislative council's 1953 report and propose amendments to the act based thereon (Bill 100, A) for submission to the 1955 legislature.
Page 32 - ... of the district attorneys' association, one representative of each of the state's 2 law schools, and 7 representatives of the state bar association appointed by the president thereof, or alternates designated by the appointing authority. The amendments proposed by this committee shall be submitted in the form of one or more bills to the legislative council not later than December 1, 1954. (2) The legislative council, its judiciary committee, and the technical staff are directed to cooperate fully...

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