General Zoölogy: Practical, Systematic and Comparative; Being a Revision and Rearrangement of Orton's Comparative Zoölogy

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American Book Company, 1903 - Всего страниц: 512
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Стр. 436 - There is no exception to the rule that every organic being naturally increases at so high a rate that, if not destroyed, the earth would soon be covered by the progeny of a single pair.
Стр. 450 - Beagle,' as naturalist, I was much struck with certain facts in the distribution of the organic beings inhabiting South America, and in the geological relations of the present to the past inhabitants of that continent.
Стр. 436 - The condor lays a couple of eggs and the ostrich a score, and yet in the same country the condor may be the more numerous of the two ; the Fulmar petrel lays but one egg, yet it is believed to be the most numerous bird in the world.
Стр. 14 - ... be taken off, we find a great mass of flesh, or what is technically called muscle, being the substance which by its power of contraction enables the animal to move. These muscles move the hard...
Стр. 438 - The air is swarming with insects — those little animated miracles. The waters are peopled with innumerable forms, from the animalcule, so small that one hundred and fifty millions of them would not weigh a grain, to the whale, so large that it seems an island as it sleeps upon the waves. The bed of the seas is alive with polypes, crabs, star-fishes, and with sand-numerous shell-animalcules.
Стр. 466 - All the foregoing rules and aids and difficulties in classification are explained, if I do not greatly deceive myself, on the view that the natural system is founded on descent with modification; that the characters which naturalists consider as showing true affinity between any two or more species, are those which have been inherited from a common parent...
Стр. 407 - It has not been sufficiently insisted on, that in the various branches of Social Science there is an advance from the general to the special, from the simple to the complex, analogous with that which is found in the series of the sciences, from Mathematics to Biology. To the laws of quantity comprised in Mathematics and...
Стр. 469 - They are no more the producers of vital phenomena than the shells scattered in orderly lines along the sea-beach are the instruments by which the gravitation - force of the moon acts upon the ocean. Like these, the cells mark only where the vital tides have been and how they have acted.
Стр. 399 - Gibbon-apes has the remarkable power of emitting a complete octave of musical notes. The human voice, taking the male and female together, has a range of nearly four octaves. Man's power of speech, or the utterance of articulate sounds, is due to his intellectual development rather than to any structural difference between him and the Apes. Song is produced by the glottis, speech by the mouth.
Стр. 274 - ... modified in accordance with the habits of the creature. They are, therefore, of great zoological value ; for, such is the harmony between them and their uses, the naturalist can predict the food and general structure of an animal from a sight of the teeth alone. For the same reason, they form important guides in the classification of animals; while their durability renders them available to the paleontologist in the determination of the nature and affinities of extinct species, of which they...

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