General Tax Laws of the State of Vermont ...

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Capital city Press, 1911 - 62 pages

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Page 11 - Where the statutes provided that " all real and personal estate liable to taxation be estimated and assessed by the assessor at its full and true value, as they would appraise the same in payment of a just debt due from a solvent debtor...
Page 27 - Any information contained in such reports shall not be disclosed by any person authorized to examine the same, except by the direction of a court of competent jurisdiction. SEC.
Page 52 - ... we have estimated the value of the said real estate at the sums which a majority of the assessors have decided to be the...
Page 29 - Every person, unless one of a class exempted in the preceding section, who acquires title to real estate within this state or any interest therein by deed, grant, or gift, except in case of a bona fide purchase for a full consideration in money or money's worth, made or intended to take effect in possession or enjoyment upon or after the death of the grantor or donor; and every such person who...
Page 56 - ... a bishop in his ecclesiastical capacity for religious uses within this state, or a city or town for cemetery purposes; and every charitable, educational or religious society or institution other than one created and existing under and by virtue of the laws of this state and having its principal office herein, that shall receive in trust or otherwise a legacy or distributive share consisting of or.
Page 14 - ... its true value in money, and will faithfully discharge all the duties imposed upon me by law. So help me God (or under the pains and penalties of perjury)".
Page 21 - ... which shall not be less than twenty, nor more than forty days from the time said order is made, and it shall be the duty of the marshal of the district in which said proceeding...
Page 4 - ... lands leased by towns for educational purposes, and lands owned or leased by colleges, academies, or other public schools...
Page 57 - ... and pay the tax assessed against such depositors in case such bank or banks shall fail to file a stipulation or elect to revoke one already filed; or that such depositors are absolved from making such returns and paying such tax in case the bank shall file a stipulation or elect to continue one theretofore filed. SEC.
Page 28 - It is further provided that, if a national bank so elects, it may pay to the State all the prescribed taxes and deduct them from the interest or deposits of the persons from whom they became due (814).

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