Genes, Plants, and People: Essays on Genetics

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Allen & Unwin, 1958 - Genetics - 187 pages
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Polyploids and Polyploidy i
Cytological Theory in Relation to Heredity
The Biology of Crossingover

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action adaptation allelomorphs Angiosperms animals anthocyanin Bateson behaviour biology breakage and reunion breeding C. D. Darlington Cecidomyidae cell nucleus cells centromere chiasma chiasmata chromatids chromo chromomeres crossing-over cytological cytoplasm Darlington Darwin dauermodifications depends determined dialectical materialism differentiation dioecious diplo-diploid diploid distylic dominant genes Drosophila Drosophila melanogaster effect endopolyploidy euchromatic euchromatin evolution exogamy female fertilization flowering plants fungi gametes gametophyte genetical geneticists genotype germ cells groups haemophilia haploid hereditary heredity hermaphrodite heterochromatin heterostyly heterothallic heterozygote heterozygous hexaploid histone homothallic homozygous hybrid inbreeding incompatibility individual inheritance Lamarckian Lysenko maize male Marxist Mather mating mechanism meiosis Mendel metaphase Michurinsk mitosis mutation natural selection nuclear nucleic acid nucleolus nucleoproteins nucleus oligogenes organism outbreeding pair of chromosomes Paramecium parthenocarpy phenotype physiological plant breeder plants plasmagenes plastids ploidy pollen grains pollen tube polygenic polygenic inheritance polyploid Primula produce prophase Protandry proteins races recessive genes recombination ribose Russia scute segregation separation sex chromosomes Sex linkage sexual reproduction soma Sorghum species sporophyte switch gene tetraploid theory therefore Thus Timofeeff-Ressovsky tion tissues triploid Tulipa Clusiana unisexuality variation virus zygote

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