Genetic Soul Brothers

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AuthorHouse, Apr 29, 2011 - Education - 372 pages
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Genetic Soul Brothers is an adventure into a human unknown. It is a story about a baby boy being carried by and born to four different women in four different places at the same time, and raised separately by these mothers. The/se baby/s has/have the same identical genes and share a common or multi-soul. As the child/ren grow/s and has/have dreams of an identical youth playing in non-recognizable settings, he/they begin/s to realize that he/they is/are one of four IDENTICALS. He/they each grow/s up in very different environments, develop professions, marry, and have children. Eventually, after a long, difficult, and frustrating quest which includes a unique night time spirit/soul communication, they find each other. As they learn how they came to be, four identical quadruplets from four different mothers, the question arises: should they take the culprit fertility clinic to court for causing this tragedy? they are giant freaks. Should they do nothing; or should they sue the clinic for big money and become famous, which would certainly disgrace their parents and friends. If they reach a four family agreement concerning anonymity or notoriety, but before the final decision is implemented one or more dies or is killed, then what happens to their common soul, or are there partial souls? Where does/do it/they go? Is there a waiting area near heaven or hell for partial souls? Is it possible that all of these 'lives' and 'arrangements' are totally controlled by soul maestros? And if so, why and how do they do this?

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About the author (2011)

Professor-Doctor Wayne E. Criss, Cellular and Molecular Oncologist, worked for the past 40 years in several university affiliated cancer research laboratories and clinics in three continents. He studied and taught in universities and medical-research centers in the following cities: Gainesville, FL; New York, NY; Boston, MA; Lake Placid, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Bethesda, MD; Charlottesville, VA; Washington, DC; Milan, Italy; Brussels, Belgium, Kobe, Japan; Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Criss has written numerous medical science research publications and scientific books. He has trained more than fifty young medical specialists in molecular oncology, has been an editorial reviewer for many medical research journals, was a member of several medical and scientific professional societies, and served as a regular grant reviewer for research committees of the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda) and of the European Union BIOMED Division (Brussels). Dr. Criss has received numerous national and international awards such as: Outstanding Young Men of America, Whos Who Among American Men and Women of Science, National Cancer Institute Research Career Development Award, Honorary Japanese Professorate, Eleanor Roosevelt-American Cancer Society International Award, Outstanding Scientist of the Twenty First Century (Europe), Great Minds of the Twenty First Century (USA), Research Board of Advisors for the American Biographical Institute (USA), and Board of Advisors of the International Biographical Institute (Europe).

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