A Historical Geography of the British Colonies: South and East Africa (3 pts.)

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Page 122 - So geographers, in Afric maps, With savage pictures fill their gaps, And o'er unhabitable downs Place elephants for want of towns.
Page 4 - Eighth edition. 126 pp. 2s. 6d. Anglo-Saxon Reader, in prose and verse. With grammar, metre, notes, and glossary. Seventh edition, revised and enlarged (1898). Crown 8vo, 414 pp. 9s. 6d. A Second Anglo-Saxon Reader, archaic and dialectal, 220 pp.
Page 145 - In his report he deprecated the abandonment of Uganda, for both religious and commercial reasons, and advocated the establishment of an official administration and the construction of railway.
Page 124 - ... etesian blasts of the north winds drive all the clouds together into those parts at that time. And, you are to know, when they have been driven on to the central region of day and have gathered together, then the clouds jammed close against the high mountains are massed together and violently compressed. Perhaps too it gets its increase high up from the lofty mountains of the Ethiopians, when the allsurveying sun with his thawing rays constrains the white snows to descend into the plains.
Page 123 - Ophir was the general name for the rich countries of the south, lying on the African, Arabian, and Indian coasts, as far as at that time known.
Page 3 - School Dictionaries Concise Etymological Dictionary, by ww SKEAT. A new edition (1901), rewritten throughout and arranged alphabetically. Crown 8vo, 676 pp. 5s. 6d. Saturday Review: — ' Mr. Skeat's larger dictionary has established his title to the gratitude of all scholars ; and of his smaller dictionary we can only say that it is not less useful and valuable.
Page 148 - August 31, 1896, declares that "all the territories in East Africa under the Protectorate of Her Majesty, except the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba and the Uganda Protectorate, are for the purposes of administration included in one Protectorate, under the name of the East Africa Protectorate.
Page 137 - German influences in that part of the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, or in the interior districts to the east of the following line : that is, on the coast, the right river bank of the Rio del Rey entering the sea between 8 42...
Page 10 - Typical Selections from the best English writers with introductory notices. Second edition. 3s. 6d. each. Vol. I : Latimer to Berkeley. Vol. II : Pope to Macaulay. The Treasury of Sacred Song. By FT PALGRAVE.

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