Geological Magazine

Henry Woodward
Cambridge University Press, 1894

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Pagina 469 - LEWIS— Papers and Notes on the Glacial Geology of Great Britain and Ireland. By the late HENRY CARVILL LEWIS, MA, FGS, Professor of Mineralogy in the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, and Professor of Geology in Haverford College, USA Edited from his unpublished MSS. With an Introduction by HENRY W. CROSSKEY, LL.D., FGS With 10 Maps and 82 Illustrations and Diagrams.
Pagina 446 - Some New Trilobites from the Upper Cambrian Rocks of North Wales," ' subdivides the lowest series given by Mr.
Pagina 443 - Microdiscus with four, to Erinnys with twenty-four, and blind genera along with those having the largest eyes, leads to the conclusion that for these several stages to have taken place numerous previous faunas must have had an existence, and, moreover, that even at this time in the history of our globe an enormous period had elapsed since life first dawned upon it.
Pagina 381 - Notei on those at Ware and Cheshunt : W. Whitaker, FRS, and AJ Jukes-Browne. — On the Bargate Stone and the Pebble-beds of Surrey, with especial regard to their Microscopic Contents: Frederick Chapman.— On Deposits from Snowdrift, with special reference to the Origin of the Loess and the Preservation of Mammoth-remains : Charles Davison.
Pagina 89 - which," says the author in his preface, " can scarcely be objected to if we admit the principle that ' thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn,'" especially, we might add, if he treadeth not on the corn — of another.
Pagina 548 - ... iron lodes, and it is in this group of rocks that the principal auriferous deposits exist. This great series of rocks may be subdivided into three sections — the granites, the gneisses, and the schists, which, as a rule, run in parallel belts North and South, with a slight trend to the North-Weat.
Pagina 274 - The Canadian Ice Age, being notes on the Pleistocene geology of Canada, with especial reference to the life of the period and its climatic conditions.
Pagina 220 - BY GRENVILLE AJ COLE, MRIA, FGS, Professor of Geology in the Royal College of Science for Ireland, and Examiner in the University of London.
Pagina 91 - It consists of serpentinized olivine, augite, mica, iron oxide, and a little plagioclase-felspar, with a variable amount of interstitial matter. In many respects it comes very near to the picrite of Inchcolm, which island is 4| miles north of Barnton cutting. It differs from the picrite of Bathgate, and the probability is that the Barnton rock is an offshoot from the same magma as that which supplied the Inchcolm rock.
Pagina 92 - England, whilst the upper unfossiliforous beds may be the equivalents of the Danian Beds. The strata are, on the whole, of shallow-water origin, and were deposited in shallow bays in the Upper Cretaceous sea of Southern and Central Europe, on the northern flanks of the Eastern Alps. Probably towards the close of Upper Cretaceous times the southern area of the Gosau District was cut off from the sea to form a lakebasin in which the upper unfossiliferous series was deposited. 2. 'Artesian Boring at...

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