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Page 434 - Nevertheless, he left not himself without witness, in that he did good, and gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness.
Page 170 - Wyman as evidence of the descent of the blind forms from those with visual organs. I would suggest that the process of reduction illustrates the law of " retardation," accompanied by another phenomenon.
Page 158 - When the heavily-bedded rock has been again reached, the breakage has ceased, and the stratum remains as a heavy coping stone to the hollow dome. Of course the process piles a hill beneath, and the access of water being rendered more easy by the approach to the surface, great stalactites and stalagmites are the result. In one place this product forms a mass extending from floor to ceiling, a distance of thirty or forty feet, with a diameter of twentyfive feet, and a beautifully fluted circumference....
Page 168 - This is a narrow passage between masses of rock, which rise from the end of a gallery to the floor of * a large room called the Senate Chamber. Though living at a distance of four or five miles from the mouth of the cave, this species is furnished with eyes. Its limbs are not very long, but its palpi...
Page 169 - Gronias nigrilabiis, the blind Silurid from the Conestoga in Pennsylvania, that while all of several specimens observed were blind, the degree of atrophy of the visual organs varies materially, not only in different fishes, but on different sides of the same fish. In some the corium is imperforate, in others perforate on one side, in others on both sides, a rudimental cornea being thus present.
Page 163 - Coscidotea microcephala. Both species are blind. The new species is pure white. It was quite active, and the females carried a pair of egg pouches full of eggs. The situation in which we found it was peculiar. It was only seen in and near an empty log trough used to collect water from a spring dripping from the roof of one of the chambers. The Lernaaan, Cattloxenus stygius Cope, is a remarkable creature.
Page 298 - ... be inclosed by live fences of Osage Orange, which I am informed succeed well. Minerals: The area of the Bog ores of iron is large and the quality good. Means of transportation is all that is required to develop a large income from this now profitless treasure. The sand rock near the county scat is of excellent quality ; equal to any in the State for foundations of buildings and other heavy masonry. The whole county is underlaid with limestone of the upper silurian age, known to be several hundred...
Page 169 - C'onestoga belongs, as for instance the A. lynx; it may be supposed to have been enclosed in a subterranean lake for a shorter time than the blind fishes of the Western Caves, not only on account of the less degree of loss of visual organs, but also in view of its very dark colors.
Page 160 - ... fur and bones. It would be worth while to determine whether any of the owls winter there. I believe that wild animals betake themselves to caves t* die, and that this habit accounts in large part for -the great collections of skeletons found in the cave deposits of the world. After "much experience in wood craft, I may say that I never found the bones of a wild animal which had not died by the hand of man, lying exposed in the forest. I once thought I had found the place where a turkey vulture...
Page 286 - Coats' spring, near Centerville is locally well esteemed. It is believed to acton the secretions generally, and was highly recommended by a corpulent gentleman on the spot, to his brother " fat-men." TIMBER. The finest growth of White Oak and Poplar timber that I have ever seen, is found in a belt lying one to three miles north of the Patoka. Trees five feet in diameter, with perfect trunks fifty or more feet in length, were common, while monsters of much larger growth are not unusual. A giant Hickory,...

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