Geological and Palaeontological Relations of the Coal and Plant-bearing Beds of Palaezoic and Mesozoic Age in Eastern Australia and Tasmania: With Special Reference to the Fossil Flora, Described, Illustrated, and Compared with Analogous Deposits in Other Countries

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C. Potter, Government Printer, 1890 - Paleobotany - 183 pages

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Page 18 - was written for, and published in the " Catalogue of the Natural and Industrial Products of New South Wales,
Page 111 - simple (?), broad, linear; costa somewhat thick, veins leaving it at an acute angle, then passing out at right angles to the margin, once or twice dichotomously divided.
Page 152 - 3. Sp. Char.—" Frond broadly flabellate, segments somewhat short, often Becoming broader towards the apex and ending in a short, wide bifurcation, or in a curved falcate, acute, or acuminate
Page 110 - Frond very long, linear, parallel-sided, substance thick, edges straight; costa very strong, veins extending at right angles from the midrib to the lateral margins, a few straight and simple, the greater number once forked at a variable distance between the midrib and lateral margin.
Page 107 - more or less adnate to the rachis, and sometimes decurrent, dilate at the base or auriculate; costa slightly flexuous, evanescing towards the apex; veins oblique, bifurcate or
Page 16 - WB) On the Relative Position of Certain Plants in the Coalbearing Beds of Australia. Quart. Journ. Geol, Soc.,
Page 116 - in the form of linear sori running along the veins, and occupying a position somewhat nearer to the margin of the frond than to the midrib.
Page 145 - above, obliquely inserted, leaving when detached a series of oblique alternate elongate depressions on the rachis ; veins distinct from their origin and parallel to the apex, from four to six in number, all well marked and conspicuous; length of longest pinna?
Page 177 - a luxuriant flora of a peculiar character, which was, however, foreshadowed by a few forms in the Lower Coal Measures in New South Wales. In this period falls the deposition of the Karoo Formation in Africa, the Gondwana System in India,
Page 44 - Howitt (AW) Notes on the Geology of part of the Mitchell River Division of the

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