George Frideric Handel: His Personality & His Times

Cassell Limited, 1923 - 378 pÓgines
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PÓgina 105 - ... the king attended assiduously on each occasion. The baron addressed himself therefore to Heidegger, a Suisse by nationality, but the most intelligent agent the nobility could have for their pleasures. Heidegger answered that much as he was eager to oblige his majesty, he must reserve the subscription for the big enterprises, to wit. the masquerades, each of which was worth from 300 to 400 guineas to him. "Baron Kilmanseck, seeing that HM was vexed about these difficulties, resolved to give the...
PÓgina 170 - The dress of the Queen on this occasion was as fine as the accumulated riches of the City and suburbs could make it ; for besides her own jewels (which were a great number and very valuable) she had on her head and on her shoulders all the pearls she could borrow of the ladies of quality at one end of the town, and on her petticoat all the diamonds she could hire* of the Jews and jewellers at the other...
PÓgina 158 - To the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled...
PÓgina 196 - Voices and Instruments. NB There will be no Action on the Stage, but the House will be fitted up in a decent Manner, for the Audience.
PÓgina 196 - By his Majesty's command, at the King's Theatre in the Haymarket, on Tuesday the 2nd. day of May, will be performed the sacred story of Esther; an oratorio in English, formerly composed by Mr. Handel, and now revised by him with several additions, and to be performed by a great number of voices and instruments.
PÓgina 105 - Baron Kilmanseck, seeing that HM was vexed about these difficulties, resolved to give the concert on the river at his own expense, and so the concert took place the day before yesterday. The King entered his barge about eight o'clock with the Duchess of Bolton, the Countess of Godolphin, Mad. de Kilmanseck, Mad. Were, and the Earl of Orkney, gentleman of the King's Bedchamber who was on guard. " By the side of the Royal barge was that of the musicians to the number of 50 who played all kinds of instruments,...
PÓgina 291 - I went last Friday to Alexander's Feast, but it was such a melancholy pleasure as drew tears of sorrow to see the great though unhappy Handel, dejected wan and dark, sitting by, not playing on the harpsichord, and to think how his light had been spent by being overplied in music's cause.
PÓgina 334 - Hush ! Strife and Quarrel, over the solemn grave ! Sound, trumpets, a mournful march. Fall, dark curtain, upon his pageant, his pride, his grief, his awful tragedy.
PÓgina 200 - Israel, and Strada gave us a Hallelujah of half an Hour long; Senesino and Bertolli made rare work with the English Tongue you would have sworn it had been Welch; I would have wish'd it Italian, that they might have sang with more ease to themselves, since, but for the Name of English, it might as well have been Hebrew.
PÓgina 308 - ... the fore-part of the day reviewed the three regiments of Footguards from the garden wall of St. James's, witnessed the fireworks from a pavilion in the Park which had been erected for his reception. The Prince and Princess of Wales, who were on bad terms with the King, kept aloof, and saw the display from the house of the Earl of Middlesex, in Arlington Street. The performance began with a grand military overture, composed by Handel, in which "one hundred cannon, fired singly with the music,"...

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