Georgia Eclectic Medical Journal, Volume 11, Issue 4

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Page 128 - The TONICS — Quinine and Strychnine; And the VITALIZING CONSTITUENT— Phosphorus, Combined in the form of a Syrup, with slight alkaline reaction. IT DIFFERS IN EFFECT FROM ALL OTHERS, being pleasant to taste, acceptable to the stomach, and harmless under prolonged use. IT HAS...
Page 144 - LITHIATED HYDRANGEA" represents thirty grains FRESH HYDRANGEA and three grains of CHEMICALLY PURE Benzo-Salicylate of Lithia. Prepared by our improved process of osmosis, it is INVARIABLY of DEFINITE and UNIFORM therapeutic strength, and hence can be depended upon in clinical practice. DOSE.— One or two teaspoonfuls four times a day (preferably between meals...
Page 128 - Its Action is Prompt \ stimulating the appetite and the digestion, it promotes assimilation, and enters directly into the circulation with the food products. The Prescribed. Dose produces a feeling of buoyancy, removing depression or. melancholy, and hence is of great value in the treatment of MENTAL AND NERVOUS AFFECTIONS.
Page 144 - Dietetic Notes, suggesting the articles of food to be allowed or prohibited in several of these diseases. These Dietetic Notes have been bound in the form of small perforated slips for physicians to distribute to their patients. Mailed gratis upon request, together with our latest compilation of case reports and clinical observations bearing upon the treatment of this class of diseases. LAMBERT PHARMACAL COMPANY.
Page 10 - Indigestion, Flatulence, Gastric Catarrh and Poor Appetite, Constipation, etc. Wrongs Of Nutrition, as in Scrofula, Rickets, Caries, Marasmus, Delayed Union of Fractures, Necrosis of Tissue, Difficult or Delayed Dentition and Development, etc. Nervous and General Debility and Sleeplessness, as from Sexual Excess, Venerial Disease, Chilabearing, Nursing, Loss of Blood or other fluids.
Page 128 - England for efficiency in the treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Chronic Bronchitis, and other affections of the respiratory organs, and is employed also in various nervous and debilitating diseases with success. ITS CURATIVE PROPERTIES are largely attributable to Stimulant, Tonic and Nutritive qualities, whereby the various organic functions are recruited.
Page 138 - The aim, as stated in the introduction, is to furnish the busy practitioner a reliable means of ready reference- at once concise, systematic, and authoritative, to which he may refer with confidence in cases of doubt. Younger members of the profession and medical students will find this work full of suggestions.

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