Gerlands Beiträge zur Geophysik, Volume 3

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E. Schweizer, 1898 - Geophysics
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Page 561 - Geometrical Drawing. Abridged from the octavo edition, for the use of schools. Illustrated with 48 steel plates. Ninth Edition.
Page 80 - Geol ogy of the Countries visited during the Voyage of II. MS Beagle round the World.
Page 83 - Discussion of the meteorological and magnetical observations made at the Flagstaff Observatory, Melbourne, during the years 1858 to 1862 ; 4. Results of the magnetic survey of the Colony of Victoria executed during the years 1858 to 1864.
Page 584 - At 8h 20™ it formed an inverted cone, with the apex, apparently 1£° wide, pointing to the horizon, and the base about 3£° wide with an altitude of 60°. At this period it became very peculiar in its external properties, forming a large column, of a clear silvery lustre, destined to span the heavens in one entire arch. Its progress in this form became steady and regular, but slow, until it reached the meridian, when it commenced to form another inverted cone, with the apex pointing due west....
Page 18 - Europäische Beobachtungen des grossen japanischen Erdbebens vom 22. März 1894 und des. venezolanischen Erdbebens vom 28. April 1894 nebst Untersuchungen über die Fortpflanzungsgeschwindigkeit dieser Erdbeben.
Page 567 - Chemiae Rud. August. Vogel, MD, Prof. etc. 1 vol. 16mo. Francofurti et Lipsise. 1762. City of Boston. Proceedings at the Dedication of the Building for the Public Library of the City of Boston, January 1, 1858. 1 vol. 8vo. Boston. 1858. Professor Asa Gray. Transactions of the Philosophical Society of Victoria Including the Papers and Proceedings for the Past Year, ending in July, 1855. Vol. I. 8vo. Melbourne. 1855. Lieut. JM Gittiss.
Page 85 - Observations made at the Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory at the Cape of Good Hope.
Page 559 - Afio do 1869. 8vo. Santiago de Chile, 1868. Observationes Meteorolojicas hechas en el Observatorio Astronomico de Santiago i en el Faro de Valparaiso en el Afio de 1868. Por JI Vergara, 8vo. Pamph. Santiago de Chile, 1869. American Association for the Advancement of Science. Proceedings of the Seventeenth Meeting, Chicago, August, 1868. 8vo. Cambridge, 1869. New York State Agricultural Society, Albany. Journal, Vols. Xv-xvn; xvrn, Nos.
Page 584 - At about 8h 40™ it became a most superb object : the brightness of its white light was so excessive as to drown the Via Lactea, and its form a double cone, each cone with a double curve, best described as resembling the form of the diatom Gyrosigma elongatum under the microscope, the aurora having a dark line, as in the Navicula, running along its centre, in diameter about 5...
Page 171 - Annahme 1. allein erfordert für m und v (Maximalbeträge der Lotschwankungen in der Komponente des Meridians und des ersten Vertikals) jährliche Perioden, welche sich je nach der Breite bedeutend unterscheiden. 5. Die Verspätung von m und v im nördlichen Winter, die Verfrühung im Sommer rührt von der verschieden schnell entstehenden Aufwölbung der Erdoberfläche durch ungleiche Wärmemengen her; dagegen ist ein Teil der Verfrühung von v schon ein Erfordernis der Theorie allein.

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