German Order of Battle: 291st-999th Infantry divisions, named infantry divisions, and special divisions in World War II

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Stackpole Books, 2007 - 375 стор.
  • Narrative histories highlighting organization, combat experiences, and casualties of each division
  • Lists of constituent units and division commanders
  • Sources for further reading on each division

    This second of 3 volumes on German ground forces in World War II covers the 291st through 999th Infantry Divisions; named infantry divisions (e.g., Division von Manteuffel and Division Sicily); jaeger, light, and mountain divisions; security divisions; and Luftwaffe ground divisions, including parachute, flak, and field troops. The units presented here show how truly diverse the German Army was.


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    The 291st999th Infantry Divisions
    The Named Infantry Divisions
    The Jäger and Light Divisions
    The Mountain Divisions
    The Parachute Divisions
    The Luftwaffe Field Divisions
    The Flak Divisions
    Miscellaneous Divisions
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    Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr., is the author of more than twenty books on World War II. He lives in Louisiana.

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