German Sociology

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Steinman & Foltz, printer, 1909 - Social sciences - 105 pages

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Page 67 - ... is a process of individual phenomena. The concern of Gumplowicz is the group as a whole ; the concern of Ratzenhofer is the single unit, which, with other units, makes up the group. RATZENHOFER, like his predecessors, set up a universal principle to explain all sociological phenomena and for him " it is the key of interests that unlocks the door of every treasure house of sociological lore.
Page 29 - The great number and variety of mutually related groups within the state considered as a whole is called society in contrast with the state. In this wider sense society is not different from the state; it is the same thing viewed from another point. But in the narrower and more accurate sense of the word each group centering about some one or more common interests is a society.
Page 76 - Bemühn! Da steh' ich nun, ich armer Thor ! Und bin so klug als wie zuvor...
Page 32 - Society' : first, the broader sense, in which the term includes the sum of all the individuals concerned in reciprocal relations, together with all the interests which unite these interacting persons; second, a narrower sense, in which -the term designates the society or the associating as such, that is the interaction itself which constitutes the bond of association, in abstraction...
Page 53 - ... shut off from the world, we find hordes in a state as primitive, probably, as that of their forefathers a million years ago. Here, very likely, we are dealing with an elementary, primitive, social phenomenon, or, better, with a social element, but not with a social process nor with a social change. But as soon as one group is exposed to the influence of another, the interplay of mutual forces ensues inevitably and the social process begins.
Page 52 - The function of sociology consists in showing that universal laws apply to social phenomena in pointing out the peculiar effects produced by them in the social domain, and finally in formulating the special social laws.
Page 52 - Very different, on the other hand, is Gumplowicz's conception (Outlines of Sociology, p. 83 ): " By social phenomena we mean the phenomena which appear through the operation of groups and aggregates of men on one another.
Page 44 - Its task is to discover the fundamental tendencies of social evolution and the conditions of the general welfare of human beings.
Page 52 - When two or more distinct (heterogen) groups come in contact, when each enters the sphere of the other's operations, a social process always ensues. So long as one unitary, homogeneous group is not influenced by or does not exert an influence upon another it persists in the original primitive state. Hence, in distant quarters of the globe, shut off from the world, we find hordes in a state as primitive, probably, as that of their...
Page 99 - Soziologie. Die Lehre von der Entstehung und Entwickelung der menschlichen Gesellschaft.

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