German Poetry: With the English Versions of the Best Translators

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Williams and Norgate, 1869 - English poetry - 479 pages
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Page 353 - Then come the wild weather, come sleet or come snow, We will stand by each other, however it blow. Oppression, and sickness, and sorrow, and pain, Shall be to our true love as links to the chain.
Page 143 - Is't so ? I can no longer what I would ? No longer draw back at my liking ? I Must do the deed, because I thought of it ? And fed this heart here with a dream ? Because I did not scowl temptation from my presence...
Page 143 - I but amused myself with thinking of it. The free-will tempted me, the power to do Or not to do it. Was it criminal To make the fancy minister to hope, To fill the air with pretty toys of air, And clutch fantastic sceptres moving...
Page 147 - For ever to those sly malicious powers , Whom never art of man conciliated. [Paces in agitation through the chamber, then pauses, and, after the pause, breaks out again into audible soliloquy. What is thy enterprise ? thy aim ? thy object ? Hast honestly confess'd it to thyself?
Page 333 - More and more ! the phantom-pageant overshadowed all the plains, Yea, the ghastly camel-bones arose, and grew to camel-trains : And the whirling column-clouds of sand to forms in dusky garbs, Here, afoot as HADJEE pilgrims ; there, as warriors on their barbs ! Whence we knew the Night was come when all whom Death had sought and found Long ago amid the sands whereon their bones yet bleach around, Rise by legions from the darkness of their prisons low and lone, And in dim procession march to kiss the...
Page 77 - The limits of the sphere of dream, The bounds of true and false, are past. Lead us on, thou wandering gleam, Lead us onward, far and fast, To the wide, the desert waste. But see, how swift advance and shift, Trees behind trees, row by row, — How, clift by clift, rocks bend and lift Their frowning foreheads as we go. The giant-snouted crags, ho ! ho ! How they snort, and how they blow...
Page 147 - By its coward fear alone made fearful to me. Not that, which full of life, instinct with power, Makes known its present being, that is not The true, the perilously formidable.
Page 145 - ... but One little step, and once more I was in it ! Where am I ? Whither have I been transported ? No road, no track behind me, but a wall, Impenetrable, insurmountable, Rises obedient to the spells I muttered And meant not — my own doings tower behind me.
Page 77 - Through the mossy sods and stones, Stream and streamlet hurry down A rushing throng ! A sound of song Beneath the vault of Heaven is blown ! Sweet notes of love, the speaking tones Of this bright day, sent down to say That Paradise on Earth is known, Resound around, beneath, above. All we hope and all we love Finds a voice in this blithe strain, Which wakens hill and wood and rill, And vibrates far o'er field and vale, And which Echo, like the tale Of old times, repeats again.
Page 151 - Twas I must rise, and with creative word Assemble forces in the desolate camps. I did it. Like a god of war, my name Went through the world. The drum was beat — and, lo...

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