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Allyn & Bacon, 1889

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Page 418 - Scientific analysis of sounds and accent. Prof. Henry Wood, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. — I like the grammar very much, and shall introduce it immediately to all my classes. It is a gift to scholars that will be highly appreciated. Prof. Wm. H. Carpenter, Columbia College.— It marks a distinct advance in language instruction in America, and ought to be in the hands of every teacher and advanced student of the German language. Prof.
Page 299 - A dash (— ) indicates that the plural is like the singular ; яе, ^er that the stem has umlaut in the plural with these letters added. The principal parts of strong verbs only are marked. In separable compound verbs, eg...
Page 134 - D lieb', fo lang bu lieben iannft, D lieb', fo lang bu lieben magft, 3)ie ©tunbe fommt, bie ©tunbe iommt, 20 3ßo bu an ©räbern fte£)ft unb flagft!

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