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Page 137 - Sound travels in air, at ordinary temperature, about 1 1 oo feet per second. In water at a little above the freezing .point its velocity is 4677 feet per second. Exercise 8. During an electrical storm hold your watch and count the number of seconds between the flash of the lightning and the sound of the thunder. Suppose it is an interval of 10 seconds. How far away is the thunder ? The pitch of sounds. Some sounds have a low pitch and some a high pitch. Let us see if we can determine why this is...
Page 196 - Inseparable verbs are printed as follows: erareifen (=nriff'etiffen); betfeben (=ie=o=e). The adverbial meaning of an adjective is not given if it differs from the adjective only by -ly. Pronunciation and the sources of foreign words are indicated in square brackets [ ]. ie, when letterspaced, should be pronounced as two syllables or as je.
Page 178 - Intransitive verbs are marked only when they take the tense auxiliary linbi'ii or offer a choice between imben and fein. The symbol (fein) means that the verb having it is intransitive and that the tense auxiliary is fein. The principal parts of all irregular verbs are given. Thus, (eben (ie=a=e) means ffiicn, fteftt, fab, ncfcbcn; the separable verb obfeben is given оМебеп (ie-o=e), meaning ab-febcii, fifftt ab.
Page 178 - EXPLANATORY NOTE— The genitive singular is given only when it is not =(e)8. >e8, or *. The nominative plural is given with each noun, if the noun has a plural form. Nouns occurring in the plural only are marked (pi.). The gender of nouns is shown by pretixing the deliuite article.
Page 165 - I had been there only a few minutes when I heard the strokes of the old beil.
Page 136 - a masculine or neuter noun of measure usually stands in the singular after a numeral.
Page 104 - Ьай í)ier ausführte, fonnte id; ja in ein paar ©efunben unten fein. Unb bann toar id) frei.
Page 40 - Sie nicfte ftumm; aber fie [ф!ид bie Slugen nieber unb faf) nur auf baê Äraut, baë er in ber ¿panb ^ielt.

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